Mobile Massage in Sydney by Patrick Gorham

professional mobile massage direct to your home office hotel or in my massage studio

Call Patrick on 0401 633 895

Massage Services by Patrick Gorham

Patrick provides Swedish massage, remedial massage, sports massage

Massages usually last one to two hours.

Supplement your massage with hot riverstone Therapy, Myofascial and Craniosacral Therapy  Chinese Cupping, Celtic and natural healing Therapy a facial, or foot spa.

Full foot pampering includes Foot spa + Footscrub + Foot massage.

Other Services

Male grooming, clipping, shaving, waxing, body scrub.

Ear candling

Group Massage (15 mins or 30 mins office massage individual pricing available on request).

Products Available — Sports gels and balms and massage oil to order

Please enquire about gift vouchers.

Swedish Massage

Swedish is a relaxing massage which dates back to the 1700's when it was first used by a Swedish doctor called Per Henrik Ling. If you feel stressed and need some pampering then swedish is the perfect massage for you. I can mix some oils and relax you with a full body massage of 1 hour which is standard or try a 90 mins or 2 hours. The massage will help you to destress, relax your muscles while using a variety of techniques which will help to increase oxygen in the blood and also help to release toxins from the muscles. The massage will also reduce any emotional or physical stresses and can be used in combination with Hot Riverstone therapy, add on a facial or foot massage.

Relax, destress and enjoy a Swedish massage in your home, office or hotel today.

I bring my massage table, fresh towels, oils and creams.
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Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is also known as deep tissue massage. Remedial massage help to release any set tension or chronic tension patterns in the body. In my remedial massage I also specialize in advanced Remedial massage which deal with lower back pains, sciatia nerve and piriformis release (tension origintaing from the gluts and often a cause of constant discomfort). Trigger points and pain points can also be used to de use any tension activated during the massage as well as neck pains, head aces, jaw and TMJ problems can also be treated in a Remedial massage . It is important to drink plenty water after a Remedial massage to help flush out any toxins released during the massage.
I bring a massage table, fresh towels, hot creams oils. Remedial massage can also be used with a combination of Hot Riverstone therapy.
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Sports Massage

What is a sports massage ? Do you need to be a sports person to have one?
Sports massage is an unique massage developed and designed to your personal needs. You may be a top sports person and have a regular pre-event and post-event massage on a regular basis or you may just play a game of golf, tennis ...once a week and need some special massage to help prevent an injury or treat an old injury.What ever the case may be, everyone can benfit from a sport massage, it helps to prevent injury and also helps to removes any waste accumulated in muscles during training, and enhance peformance and reduce muscles tension.

Sports massage was a big part of my studies. For sports massage i bring fresh towels, oils, ice sprays, muscles oils sprays, deep heat and a sport massage table to your home, office or hotel..
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