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Myofascial and Craniosacral Therapy

Myofascial release techniques can benefit every one. Its not only used on clients with chronic pain but is used to prevent injuries and muscle tightness from becoming a chronic pain condition.

FASCIA which is a three dimensional Web running from head to toe, surounding every tissue of the body.

Myofascial therapy helps clients with posture problem/ trauma/ muscles tightness/ lower back pain/ to name but a few.

Craniosacral Therapy was first conceived in Kirksville Missouri, USA by doctor and osetopath mr william Garner Sutherland in 1892

Craniosacral therapy has been successfull in relieving Headaches, reducing Fever, Sinuses, Neck pain, reduce trauma, Stress , balance inner calm.

Both therapy can be used to create a very relaxing, de-stressing and balancing treatment of the body

and combined with your remedial/ sports massage to get a more benefit.

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Chinese Cupping

Its a very old treatment, starting off in China using horns of cows as cups. Nowaday practioner and i use glass cups.

Cupping helps to release toxins in the body by pulling them to the surface, sometimes some red marks may appear on the treated area, but they should fade in a couple of days

Its used for lots of different body pain, neck and back pain, de-tox.

It also comes with your massages



Celtic and natural healing

This is a therapy used by Patrick, which has developed over the years as a Therapist. Its a combination of an intituation healing and his own special celtic energy. It has helped many clients over the years which Patrick positive energy healing to relax the body overcome stiffness such as difficulty of movement, stiff hands, legs, neck... and general well being.


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